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  1. and Kiheita Inugami, Kurando's dad. But that game was never made. Art for the lead characters
  2. party member, Kurando, who is fighting off assassins trying to kill his master.
  3. Blanca and Kurando save him together and because the princess loses a hairpin, Blanca
  4. Also Anastasia falls in love with Kurando.
  5. Hey Kurando.
  6. He throws our party into hell where we find out Kurando can also fuse and then we punt
  7. This time for Katsuragi, the Forest of the Wind, to find Kurando's mother, Saki, who
  8. Yuri, Karin, Blanca, Gepetto, Joachim, Lucia, Anastasia and Kurando.
  9. Kurando's quest is just about him finding a new shiny blade and then beating up his
  10. Kurando.
  11. Kurando is Yuri's cousin.
  12. His mother, Saki, is Jinpachiro's sister and as such she and Kurando both also have fusion