How do you pronounce kurong in English (1 out of 17).

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  1. I got water on Kurong's mouth.But Kurong didn't react.
  2. I think Kurong is too hot. So I brought Kurong into the cool car.
  3. Kurong doesn't eat rice. So I couldn't give Kurong the medicine.
  4. Kurong, I've had a lot of medical checkups. But it's for you. Kurong, cheer up.
  5. Chorong, didn't you see Kurong?
  6. Horong, didn't you see Kurong?
  7. Kurong, you've been here.
  8. Kurong, don't go in there.
  9. Kurong, you've got a snuffHave you caught a cold?
  10. Horong, let's eat kurong, too.
  11. Kurong, try this.
  12. Kurong didn't eat any food.
  13. Kurong, you have to eat to cheer up.
  14. veterinarian : Did Kurong eat well before?
  15. And Kurong has to be admitted.
  16. Kurong, you've been through a lot. Now get some sleep.
  17. The next morning, Kurong passed away. We don't know the exact name of the disease. My heart is broken.