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How do you pronounce lamore in English (1 out of 14).

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  1. Uh, my father died two years ago, Ms. Lamore,
  2. Ms. Lamore, how are you?
  3. I see several attorneys over there, Ms. Lamore.
  4. LAMORE: Good stuff.
  5. Ask Ms. Lamore. She knows.
  6. He said ask Sheryl Lamore. She would know.
  7. LAMORE: Freedom of speech.
  8. for political reasons. Is that correct, Ms. Lamore?
  9. LUCCA: Ms. Lamore,
  10. SOLOMON: I won't presume to tell Ms. Lamore how to run Chumhum,
  11. LAMORE: Oh, go to hell.
  12. The difference here, Ms. Lamore, is
  13. He's the head of public relations for Sheryl Lamore.
  14. LAMORE: The version of Chumhum she's referring to