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  1. They would also have a look at the LEAKSHIELD from E.K.
  2. because LEAKSHIELD is here.
  3. just in case the LEAKSHIELD is more
  4. turns your LEAKSHIELD into a paperweight.
  5. It's function is to allow the LEAKSHIELD
  6. Basically there's only two connectors on the LEAKSHIELD.
  7. using an external USB type A if you wanted your LEAKSHIELD
  8. This one is sold separately and it allows the LEAKSHIELD
  9. We don't need it though, because the LEAKSHIELD
  10. the LEAKSHIELD can tell us if our system is watertight.
  11. So Aqua Computer recommends leaving LEAKSHIELD
  12. if air is leaking out. (LEAKSHIELD beeps)
  13. that's for non-LEAKSHIELD peasants, apparently, now.
  14. and the LEAKSHIELD starts sucking water into the loop.
  15. the LEAKSHIELD completely full.
  16. And we are going to put the LEAKSHIELD in deairation mode.
  17. Oh God, oh cool. (LEAKSHIELD beeps)
  18. Oops. (LEAKSHIELD beeps)
  19. and the LEAKSHIELD will not leak water.
  20. (LEAKSHIELD beeps)