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  1. There is also a LibGuide created especially for BConline students
  2. The LibGuide page on citations covers an overview of APA and MLA citation styles
  3. They can always use the librarys LibGuide.
  4. And the LibGuide is sort of like a one-stop link to all of the library resources.
  5. They can always use the library's LIBGuide.
  6. And the LIBGuide is sort of like a one-stop
  7. a LibGuide. So I'm really excited. This is purpose built. Pbwiki was kind of a general,
  8. Have you done a LibGuide yourself? That's great. Oh. Sorry for that. Kristen, go ahead
  9. for LibGuide How-To. So that when anyone has questions about how to use it, they can pose
  10. here. Do you think 13 people can coordinate a single LibGuide, or should we be breaking
  11. a full admin for the entire site. So actually you could go over to somebody else's LibGuide,
  12. Yes. I was going to suggest that you not create a LibGuide for each person, just in case that
  13. was something that you're considering doing. But immediately create one LibGuide with tabs
  14. to that one LibGuide. And then you're all set. And there's no confusion.
  15. a LibGuide. But in this case, I think I agree with Kristen that having all the content in
  16. a curator, then you'll get those in two weeks. Your curation will be due in LibGuide. And
  17. They can always use the librarys LibGuide.
  18. And the LibGuide is sort of like a one-stop link to all of the library resources.
  19. Intro to the Nursing LibGuide. Welcome to your nursing library guide. This guide
  20. Basically your new best friend! Contact information is available on every Libguide!