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  1. LILRICKA BARBER, Project for Pride in Living: I would get paid on Friday and be broke on
  2. FRED DE SAM LAZARO: PPL has helped 39-year-old Lilricka Barber on her long journey to financial
  3. LILRICKA BARBER: I was on food stamps before. I was homeless before. I was on drugs before.
  4. LILRICKA BARBER: No impulsive purchases. Going to the food shelves at times when means was
  5. LILRICKA BARBER: Yes. Yes, it was.
  6. LILRICKA BARBER: I love hosting and cooking for my family, so having a nice-sized backyard.
  7. LILRICKA BARBER: I get all excited. I show my son. He visualized, OK, this is my room,