How do you pronounce lirone in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. were known to be skilled lirone players and not least the lirone was used in sacred music the
  2. machine is called a lirone or a lira de gamba it's an instrument you rarely see today but in the 16th
  3. the lirone in english large lyre was invented by da vinci's pupil atalante migliorotti in 1505 it
  4. in the continuo band and playing only at special lirone moments upon which i shall expand shortly
  5. this is because we use tempered tuning systems and that means that uniquely the lirone
  6. although usually, the lirone provides the cushion of harmony against which the
  7. kill me grief and I should point out here that the lirone has never played just on its own it's
  8. this was the lirone heaven's hoover as it has been dubbed by Erin Headley who we have to thank for
  9. it seems likely that lirone players would not have restricted themselves to just accompany the voice
  10. were transformed by the addition of the lirone