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How do you pronounce load in English (1 out of 2011).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of load

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of load:

Derived Form of load

plural: loads
third person: loads
past: loaded
past participle: loaded
present participle: loading
weight to be borne or conveyed
Synonymsloading, burden,
Hyponymsburthen, dead load, live load, millstone, overload,
Type ofweight,
Typesburthen, dead load, live load, millstone, overburden, overload, superload,
a quantity that can be processed or transported at one time
  1. the system broke down under excessive loads
Hypernymsindefinite quantity,
Type ofindefinite quantity,
goods carried by a large vehicle
Synonymscargo, lading, freight, loading, payload, shipment, consignment,
Type ofmerchandise, product, wares,
an amount of alcohol sufficient to intoxicate
  1. he got a load on and started a brawl
Hypernymsindefinite quantity,
Type ofindefinite quantity,
the power output of a generator or power plant
Hypernymselectrical power,
Type ofelectric power, electrical power, wattage,
an onerous or difficult concern
  1. the burden of responsibility
  2. that's a load off my mind
Synonymsburden, encumbrance, incumbrance, onus,
Hyponymsdead weight, fardel, imposition, pill,
Type ofconcern, headache, vexation, worry,
Typesdead weight, fardel, imposition, pill,
a deposit of valuable ore occurring within definite boundaries separating it from surrounding rocks
Hyponymsmother lode,
Type ofalluviation, deposit, sedimentation,
Typeschampion lode, mother lode,
the front part of a guided missile or rocket or torpedo that carries the nuclear or explosive charge or the chemical or biological agents
Synonymswarhead, payload,
Hyponymsatomic warhead,
Holonymsguided missile,
Type ofexplosive,
Typesatomic warhead, nuclear warhead, nuke, thermonuclear warhead,
Part ofguided missile,
electrical device to which electrical power is delivered
Hypernymselectrical device,
Type ofelectrical device,
fill or place a load on
  1. load a car
  2. load the truck with hay
Synonymslade, laden, load up,
Hyponymsbomb up, overload, pack, reload, stack,
Type offill, fill up, make full,
Typesbomb up, load down, overcharge, overload, pack, reload, stack, surcharge,
See alsoloader, loading,
provide (a device) with something necessary
  1. He loaded his gun carefully
  2. load the camera
transfer from a storage device to a computer's memory
put (something) on a structure or conveyance
  1. load the bags onto the trucks
Type oflay, place, pose, position, put, set,
See alsoloader, loading,
corrupt, debase, or make impure by adding a foreign or inferior substance; often by replacing valuable ingredients with inferior ones
  1. adulterate liquor
Synonymsadulterate, stretch, dilute, debase,
Hyponymssophisticate, water down,
provide with munition
Type offill, fill up, make full,
Typesrecharge, reload,
See alsoloader,

load on Youtube

  1. five NPMA load of five mega watt a load of five ohm. So, how the load is modeled, depending
  2. a bending load or torsional load how do i distribute those load across the member through
  3. but its not that it won't load up or it will load up in 15 to 20 minutue it will just load
  4. Jack:Boat fucking--(IDK?!) Wade:Gotta load a cannon, how do I load a cannon??
  5. We put it at 300 psi, load me up bro, load me up! LOADING!
  6. this mech but then a load of the droids oh and now we have a whole load of
  7. versa depending on what you're trying to load so if you're trying to load a video
  8. you can actually load the load and go detergent dispenser--
  9. your front lockers off you don't want that load while you're winchin'. That extra load
  10. There's nothing here. I'm gonna load-I'm gonna load this, the grandma extinguisher.
  11. This is an exceptionally good load factor, as its called, as Qantas average load factor
  12. Let's practice here. Load, road. Load, road. Lice, rice. Liver, river. Fly, fry, fry. This
  13. That nerves can run just as happily on a glucose load as they can on a ketone load.
  14. Oh happy fine choice. The way what's going on a health kick got a got a Carbo load get a Carbo load. I'm carbo-loading
  15. here's where we select our load balancer and then our load balancer front end IP
  16. The Load-Lid's 200kg load rating has seen it being used by tradies, outdoor enthusiasts
  17. In this open load fault example, the load is connected to SHX
  18. all we need is that new load balancer. So I'll say hey let's just add the load
  19. Next, we load the initial files, one by one, using the load inits button, as many
  20. your viral load, hopefully to a nondetectable level. A lower viral load decreases