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  1. Hello, this is Frdric, one of the founders of LocalSolver.
  2. I will present you quickly the new version 9.5 of LocalSolver
  3. for which LocalSolver is really, really strong, especially in comparison with MIP solvers.
  4. Then, I will mention the global optimization capabilities of LocalSolver.
  5. LocalSolver is not just a heuristic solver anymore.
  6. It means that LocalSolver is able to prove optimality
  7. At last, since the very beginning of LocalSolver,
  8. that will make LocalSolver much easier to use for you.
  9. We have also improved a lot the results of LocalSolver
  10. now LocalSolver delivers feasible solutions in seconds.
  11. LocalSolver model combining integer decisions and list decisions.
  12. you can find all the details in the documentation online or in the LocalSolver package.
  13. LocalSolver is able to deliver solutions close to optimality in very short running times.
  14. LocalSolver is now a global optimization solver mixing exact and heuristic techniques.
  15. But what is cool with LocalSolver
  16. LocalSolver 9.5 offers major improvements in terms of user experience.
  17. are now fully integrated to the standard LocalSolver API.
  18. LocalSolver will automatically build an approximate model of the function
  19. In addition, LocalSolver for Python is now simply, directly available by PIP install.
  20. Thank you very much for your time and interest for LocalSolver.