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  1. Luangpu Dune once every 3-4 months, or Luangpu Tade, Luangpu Sim, Luangta Maha Bua only once in a while.
  2. Luangpu Thate, Luangpu Sim, etc.
  3. When he passed, I would see Luangpu Thade and Luangpu Sim.
  4. Luangpu Suwat once studied with luangpu Man
  5. LuangPu Dul (Venerable Grandfather Dul) has written in his book .
  6. I didnt have a teacher yet, I hadnt met Luangpu Dune.
  7. When I met Luangpu Dune
  8. Luangpu Dune gave me the key,
  9. so when Luangpu Dune taught me to observe my mind,
  10. Luangpu Dune once taught that
  11. such as Luangpu Dune,
  12. that Luangpu Dune has completed his practice.
  13. He learned from Luangpu Man
  14. Then he went back to Luangpu Man
  15. I studied with Luangpu Dune
  16. Mother Noi was an avid meditator who stayed with Luangpu Thate.
  17. Luangpu Dune forbid this.
  18. Luangpu Dune forbid it.
  19. There are some that trusted Luangpu Dunne and achieved attainments.
  20. Luangpu Dunne said