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  1. and Dr. Ludmil Alexandrov and their groups,
  2. Dr. Ludmil Alexandrov will focus now on the environment.
  3. Ludmil essentially launched an entirely new field
  4. Ludmil and Hannah,
  5. One of the projects that Ludmil,
  6. and high-impact work. Ludmil?
  7. Thank you Ludmil.
  8. in the pre-cancer prevention area with Hannah and Ludmil.
  9. with Hannah and Ludmil and others here.
  10. Ludmil and others looking at mechanism as
  11. and Ludmil were incredibly valuable co-authors,
  12. of course, Ludmil's group are continuing to PCGA.
  13. heard from Hannah and Ludmil.
  14. the same signatures for you, Ludmil,
  15. I mean, I think Ludmil alluded to
  16. I guess, Ludmil, I was curious if you had looked
  17. This looks like for you, Ludmil,
  18. because until Ludmil and
  19. Ludmil, do you have any other thoughts in GBM?