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  1. The Sea Beggar Commander, Willem de La Marck, Lord of Lumey,
  2. Lumey asked Jan to relay a message to the mayor:
  3. Lumey set the closed North Gate on fire
  4. Lumey exchanged the Prince's flag on his ship with one depicting a pair of glasses.
  5. Lumey had no intention of holding the place
  6. Treslong convinced Lumey not to retreat like they usually did
  7. but now Lumey had jumped the gun
  8. Lumey sent 200 experienced Beggars over under Bloys van Treslong
  9. This cleverly limited Lumey's activities to Southern Holland, because he was way too voilent.
  10. Lumey thought it would be fun to play with them for a while
  11. Lumey had some of the men hanged at a ruined monastery.
  12. Lumey's merciless attitude was a problem for the Prince.
  13. Lumey hated Roman Catholics with a passion
  14. Lumey was one of the few capable Commanders in the country.
  15. Willem tried to reason with Lumey to bring it down a notch,
  16. Lumey had also attended this meeting
  17. To cool his heels, Lumey besieged Amsterdam
  18. Beggar Commander-in-Chief Lumey, a talking to.
  19. and the Prince demanded Lumey's absolute obedience in the name of Holland.
  20. Lumey piped down and decided to join Willem on his journey to Delft