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  1. The TwinPower XD just like the other MagnumLite series reels utilize the MGL rotor or MagnumLite rotor.
  2. we have the Coresolid series and the MagnumLite series.
  3. The new TwinPower XD is a rigid and durable MagnumLite series reel,
  4. With its aluminum body, the new TwinPower XD is the toughest of the reels in the MagnumLite series.
  5. that made our MagnumLite reels so popular.
  6. This new Vanford is part of the Magnumlite series.
  7. The Vanford among other Magnumlite series reels, utilize this special MGL rotor design.
  8. the Coresolid series and the Magnumlite series.
  9. The Twinpower XD is the strongest and most durable reel in the Magnumlite series.