How do you pronounce maguu in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. It says that you have to Defeat the Maguu Kenki while he is taunting you.
  2. And Maguu Kenki that you've seen in Version 1.6 will be available
  3. In the next section, we'll be getting some more info about a new monster, Maguu Kenki
  4. The core of Maguu Kenki lies in its phantoms
  5. During this stage, Maguu Kenki's attacks will be converted to Anemo attacks
  6. So not only do you need to be careful of attacks from Maguu Kenki
  7. You mean the Maguu Kenki we just introduced?
  8. Yes, Maguu Kenki
  9. Maguu Kenki?
  10. And uh... so excited about the new character Kazuha, and of course, Maguu Kenki
  11. Maguu Kenki!