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  1. I'd like to inform you about the developments taking place in and around Mahlerplein and Zuidplein.
  2. This is why the City of Amsterdam is building a new bicycle parking facility under Mahlerplein,
  3. This is how we can integrate visually dominant buildings into Mahlerplein.
  4. The new Mahlerplein enhances the urban structure of this section of Amsterdam.
  5. We are looking for temporary facilities on Mahlerplein and Zuidplein.
  6. who will be commissioned to construct the parking facility and design the new Mahlerplein.
  7. In the second half of 2014, we will show you exactly how Mahlerplein will look during construction.
  8. Just imagine... It's the end of 2016, you park your bicycle in a large parking facility under Mahlerplein.
  9. Everyone at his or her own pace. With Mahlerplein as a pleasant and appropriate setting.