How do you pronounce malgu in English (1 out of 51).

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  1. -Yes. In Winner's match, 'Malgu' from Team 'Superstar'
  2. Malgu, the Center, he will play Marshall Law.
  3. And Malgu.
  4. Also Malgu all-killed his opponents .
  5. Malgu's style is so progressive.
  6. Team 'Superstar' 's center field is Malgu.
  7. Malgu is the hope of that team.
  8. -Malgu is the original crew of Team 'Superstar'.
  9. But his new opponent is Malgu.
  10. -And his opponent is Malgu.
  11. Anyway, Malgu.
  12. Oh, he makes Law in regular costume. (*Malgu likes hilarious costumes.)
  13. -Wow, Malgu did a great job.
  14. Malgu is so strong.
  15. -Finally Malgu wins.
  16. Aah... Malgu is so strong.
  17. -I'm worried about Malgu.
  18. Actually, Malgu is afraid of Kazumi.
  19. -The Goddess of fortune for Malgu.
  20. -But Malgu.He did well. -Right.