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  1. So the Torrent Dance definitely helps you take hits from this manakete and because this manakete has Guard
  2. So we're just gonna be sending off my Ike in the range of this axe flier and this red manakete.
  3. this blue manakete who is really annoying because of Lightning Breath and Quick Riposte.
  4. Let's take out this red manakete.
  5. this green manakete. We are still in the Quick Riposte range. So that's gonna be happening.
  6. on the right side and then we're gonna have ganged up by this blue manakete
  7. just stay here as a body block until Azura can just take out this manakete with ease.
  8. this blue manakete and that's your Gharnef quest! Now, let's move on
  9. this axe flier because we need to get the debuff to take out this manakete.
  10. Now we can take out this manakete with our iceberg and we're just gonna be taking out the sword dragon rallying up Sharena.
  11. We can have Fjorm take out this axe cavalier and also take out the green manakete pretty easily
  12. and now we can easily take out this blue manakete and let's have Sharena take out