How do you pronounce manato in English (1 out of 12).

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  1. (Manato) We really came together as one team
  2. Manato provided excellent vocals
  3. Manato!
  4. (Manato) We are all rivals in this team, but we are also teammates
  5. Manato Hirose
  6. Manato, could you tell me why
  7. (Manato) Are we the same age?
  8. (Manato) Both would be freshmen in college
  9. (Manato) Im April
  10. (Manato) Ive never talked to these people before But we have the same dream and same goals
  11. [Team A] Manato (has experience writing songs) Sota Naoki (has experience writing songs) Ten Leo
  12. [Impression of Team A] (SKY-HI) Manato has written songs before