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  1. going to be special today we are in the municipality of marianao 116 and 51 today we are in a jewel
  2. of the municipality of marianao but that is out of the ordinary stained glass as you can tell
  3. that have emerged in cuba these jewels wow 116 and 51 pure marianao look at them well look at the tails in
  4. get out The video is going to [__] but given 51st Street in Marianao, here we have this room, the room
  5. a way this would be the blue terrace 116th street as you can see this is full marianao and
  6. of the entire marianao city as I had told you I had cut them in this house they are very chos videos
  7. this little piece of havana this little piece of marianao this castle of a thousand