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  1. This resulted in the Markermeer Lake being separated from Lake Ijssel. The Markermeer
  2. We sailed on the Lake Markermeer from Enkhuizen. Wind was variable between 6 and 9 knots, 12 knots with gusts
  3. Now we're going to Marken at the Markermeer. It used to be sea here.
  4. Let me take you to the Markermeer, near Amsterdam.
  5. the water on the right is part of the Markermeer lake.
  6. off the coast of Monnickendam in the Markermeer.
  7. The Markermeer, Oostvaardersplassen and Lepelaarplassen.
  8. The Markermeer became a large freshwater lake with a lot of sediment and sludge on the bottom.
  9. By connecting these areas with the Markermeer
  10. Oostvaardersoevers must ensure a more stable ecosystem for the Markermeer,
  11. Markermeer. Drontermeer.
  12. project called the Marker Wadden is creating some islands to the north of the Markermeer.
  13. In the distance lies the dike between IJsselmeer and Markermeer ...
  14. This is Markermeer.
  15. Scenically located, it forms a dam between the IJsselmeer and the Markermeer.
  16. Halfway along the dike, on the Markermeer side, we're developing new nature,