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  1. three weeks to go i've decided to enter the marmotte today is sunday the marmotte granfondo is
  2. this year's marmotte and that got me thinking should i
  3. what would be my top tips to somebody doing the marmotte
  4. so you've arrived in Alpe D'Huez, it's the day of the marmotte you've done
  5. especially on a normal marmotte in july it could be 35 degrees in the valley
  6. likelihood on a normal marmotte in july there'll still be some snow remnants by
  7. are opportunist thieves about so that's our top tips for the marmotte
  8. Once I did the Marmotte...
  9. those of you that know me will know that i have a love hate relationship with the marmotte granfondo
  10. so today is day one of my marmotte diary so it's super hot day today i just got to the top of
  11. bettex so i thought i'd just give you a quick resume of my marmotte experience up to today
  12. so i'd never heard of the marmotte until about 2008 and that was when my mate steve over in
  13. yeah i'm gonna have a go at that so the goal was set i first started the marmotte granfondo in 2011
  14. full marmotte fondo training plan which i'm not , but in 2017 Iain's death had really inspired me to
  15. lead up to the marmotte i did the long time megeve four weeks before that was 130 k's 3 800 meters of
  16. wife jude we're lucky to call the french alps home it's now a few days since the marmotte gran fondo
  17. at the marmotte granfondo it's a misty moody day in bourg D'Oisans, it's 13 degrees at the minute
  18. this was my fourth marmotte and my last ride in 2017 was my best finish with 7 hours 25 minutes
  19. on the descents who knows so what were the lessons i've learned from my 2021 marmotte experience i
  20. think it's easier for me personally to plan for a scorching hot marmotte in july when you've got