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  1. Shimekake: Personally, members who I think are funny are Kaito and MatsuMatsu.
  2. Shimekake: Personally, I think the fashionable members are those who do our costumes, like Kaito and MatsuMatsu.
  3. Miyachika: So you personally think that Kaito and MatsuMatsu are fashionable but...
  4. Kawashima: For me, I included our public image as well and it was between MatsuMatsu and Kaito.
  5. Shimekake: I personally think that Kaito and MatsuMatsu have shown growth.
  6. Shimekake: Or rather than my true feelings, honestly, I personally think that the funny members are Kaito or MatsuMatsu.
  7. Shimekake: What if it was one of MatsuMatsu? That would be bad.
  8. Yoshizawa: It can't be them. They're bad liars. [The possibility of one of MatsuMatsu being the werewolf...]