How do you pronounce megasequence in English (1 out of 10).

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  1. continents. Each Megasequence contains a huge stack of rock, often with coarse-grained sandstone
  2. shale, then topped by limestones. Each Megasequence is
  3. time ever, new Megasequence maps allow us to see how the Flood
  4. then onto shallow ocean floors, killing everything in their path. The first Megasequence wipes
  5. Sure enough, the first Megasequence rocks show a spike in volcanic
  6. Then, by the 40th day of the Flood, the Absaroka Megasequence began hitting. The maps show
  7. showing up in the fossil record laid down by the Absaroka Megasequence. Entire ecosystems
  8. Next the massive Zuni Megasequence hits. The Absaroka and Zuni Megasequences are the most
  9. Flood catastrophe. This six-megasequence worldwide flooding process
  10. STEVE: Well, we have the Sauk Megasequence here