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  1. Mehbub Ali Chishty: First of all, i would like to express my thanks because for the first time, a Chief Minister in this nation has undertaken fast with a pure intention for the sake of communal harmony, unity and peace.
  2. Mehbub Ali Chishty: This has been be appreciated not only in Gujarat or India but by the whole world which is quite remarkable.
  3. Mehbub Ali Chishty: And when Congress noticed that 100s of 1000s of muslims ranging from doctors, lawyers, engineers, muslim clerics and also the sufi saints were taking part in this Goodwill mission, they started getting a bit concerned.
  4. Mehbub Ali Chishty: Because when we organized a programme on the 3rd of this month in Surat, it was attended by 200 muslim corporators of which about 50 of them have been appointed as Chairmen and Vice-Chairmen by Modi.
  5. Mehbub Ali Chishty: Looking at the success of our programme, Congress which was busy spreading falsehood about the so-called pathetic state of muslims in Gujarat throughout the nation, felt threatened.
  6. Mehbub Ali Chishty: When 200 muslims won the corporation elections, there was a realization that lakhs of muslims had joined Modi's Development Yatra (journey).
  7. Mehbub Ali Chishty: Congress started getting jittery because they felt that if the muslims throughout India come to know about the development of muslims in Gujarat, it wil impact the 2014 elections against the Congress.
  8. Mehbub Ali Chishty: So, Congress was searching for an issue which is against Modi and somehow start a controversy so as to deflect the attention that he was getting.
  9. Mehbub Ali Chishty: That man who came on the stage to give the skullcap to Modi was neither a Sufi nor an Imam.
  10. Mehbub Ali Chishty: We later came to know that he was a ordinary person from a small village in Thasra district who has links with Congress leaders.
  11. Mehbub Ali Chishty: He then contacted a Congress politician from Ahmedabad who in turn sent him to the stage in an inappropriate manner.
  12. Mehbub Ali Chishty: And we had a responsibility to ensure that when an elderly person comes, we invite him with respect and treat him honourably.
  13. Mehbub Ali Chishty: You can notice in the video recording that he is nowhere to be seen among the Sufi Saints. He was neither present in the podium nor was he among the invited guests.
  14. Mehbub Ali Chishty: The security personnel removed him the first time he came and he again resurfaced.
  15. Mehbub Ali Chishty: If something needs to be given to the CM, then a person has to follow the rules laid out by the Z-plus security and undergo checking.
  16. Mehbub Ali Chishty: And i believe a Hindu need not wear a skullcap or go into a mosque to prove that he is secular.
  17. Mehbub Ali Chishty: The programme that we were conducting was for Goodwill. And Goodwill does not mean that it is necessary for a muslim to enter a temple or for a Hindu to wear the skullcap and enter a mosque!
  18. Mehbub Ali Chishty: It should be Together with everyone, develop with everyone. And regarding this controversy, I don't think there was anything wrong in what the CM did (by rejecting the skullcap).
  19. Mehbub Ali Chishty: The CM's philosophy is Justice for all, appeasement for none. We don't believe in divide and rule politics. And we don't want to mix religion with politics.
  20. Mehbub Ali Chishty: And if Modi wanted to seriously reject the skullcap because of religion, he would not have accepted the shawl (which contained the Kalma/Shahada) as well but he did not.