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  1. unique trading platform has appeared - MerchDao. MerchDao is a unique blockchain marketplace.
  2. of other projects in the MerchDao dashboard. In its work, MerchDao uses the NFT standard,
  3. MerchDao sells limited edition goods as well as unique items. Compared to other collectible
  4. marketplaces, MerchDao allows the user to suggest new items and actively participate in the
  5. management of that item's sales through voting. MerchDao has its own token of the same name,
  6. trading platform. The idea behind the MerchDao site is pretty simple. Many investors and
  7. but not blockchain-based. With the advent of the blockchain-based marketplace MerchDao, it
  8. MerchDao is a free and open source project in which users take the lead. Based on decentralized
  9. etc. The more the user participates in the life of MerchDao, the more rewards he receives.
  10. This makes the process of using MerchDao interesting and fun.
  11. The MerchDao platform has several ways to make money:
  12. but MerchDao takes it to the next level and allows it to be applied to physical goods.
  13. opportunity to propose new designs and vote for them. The rest will be done by the MerchDao team,
  14. which feature even more exclusive items. In conclusion, I would like to note that MerchDao
  15. MerchDao allows you to buy, earn, develop and create collectibles with authentication, it also
  16. We hope that the MerchDao project will continue to delight us with good news.