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  1. 8MB ultra wide and 2MB microlens
  2. but i want to say the the microlens
  3. you also get a super microlens option
  4. here we also get Super microlens so I thought to test it on ejector tool
  5. We get super microlens in Redmi Note 10 Pro in which you can zoom image and capture it
  6. We do not get that good image in POCO X3 if you use microlens
  7. means microlens of Redmi Note 10 Pro is very nice
  8. and microlens of 8MP and 2MP
  9. points of a microlens array. And this is done by placing a CCD-sensor behind the array.
  10. a microlens array on top of a ccd-sensor at exactly the focal distance of the lenses.
  11. One way to do it is to put a small microlens at each point.
  12. If we send light through a microlens, then the location of the spot changes depending
  13. To detect the direction of the light, we put a microlens in front of each pixel, and subdivide
  14. The microlens creates an inverted image of the field at the lens plane.
  15. The red light that goes through the microlens comes from the bottom half of the imaging
  16. the microlens.
  17. lens, and it went through the microlens of the particular macropixel were considering.
  18. If we divide each pixel in subpixels and put a microlens in front of it, we can locally
  19. a microlens array.
  20. Depending on the orientation of the wave, the microlens creates a focal spot at a certain