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  1. But today he is talking about investing, Willem Middelkoop.
  2. That was my conversation with Willem Middelkoop. You can see the rest of our conversation on our website. /
  3. a book by Middelkoop... -'Patronen van bedrog'?
  4. So 'Patronen van Bedrog' by Willem Middelkoop, is very good. What did you say?
  5. it is Willem Middelkoop and I am really looking forward to it because with Willem we are going to talk
  6. ex maar jongens in middelkoop en al die anderen die hebben al heel veel kunnen verdienen systeem
  7. middelkoop genoeg volgens ik probeer niet te veel te tweet ik doe het engelstalig en probeer steeds
  8. by the way Willem Middelkoop wrote the preface.
  9. But America going to give up their position. Even tho there is a great chance they have to. In de Madelon Navigates with Willem Middelkoop you guys spoke about this.
  10. It's so much money and hardly noticeable and how much there is being printed and I said it already in the video with Willem Middelkoop
  11. This is in line what Willem Middelkoop already said. The big reset. We need a
  12. that it is going pretty bad economically, I can also recommend the listeners to watch my video with Willem Middelkoop
  13. create your own vision and opinion, just like Willem Middelkoop does very well and many people
  14. we only needed two of them. On my left, publicist and entrepreneur Willem Middelkoop