How do you pronounce mitsima in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. like the men singing the corn song beautiful beautiful so that you cried like old mitsima
  2. you are fifteen said old mitsima in the indian words now i may teach you to work the clay
  3. first of all said mitsima taking a lump of the wetted clay between his hands
  4. a moon a cup and now a snake mitsima rolled out another piece of clay into a long flexible
  5. and another and another round by round mitsima built up the sides of the pot it was narrow
  6. it bulged it narrowed again towards the neck mitsima squeezed and patted stroked and scraped
  7. the crooked parody of mitsima's his own stood beside it looking at the two parts he had to laugh
  8. and mitsima also sang a song about killing a bear
  9. said old mitsima i will teach you to make the bow he stood for a long time outside the house
  10. prayer then threw the stick after the cornmeal it is finished said old mitsima in a loud voice they
  11. it is finished old mitsima's words repeated themselves in his mind finished finished