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How do you pronounce mobile river in English (1 out of 7466).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of mobile river

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of mobile river:
/mowbəl ɹɪvɹ̩/

Derived Form of mobile

plural: mobiles
comparitive: more mobile
superlative: most mobile
a river in southwestern Alabama; flows into Mobile Bay
SynonymsMobile, Mobile River,
Type ofriver,
Part ofAL, Alabama, Camellia State, Heart of Dixie,
a port in southwestern Alabama on Mobile Bay
Type ofcity, metropolis, port, urban center, urban centre,
Part ofAL, Alabama, Camellia State, Heart of Dixie,
sculpture suspended in midair whose delicately balanced parts can be set in motion by air currents
Type ofsculpture,
moving or capable of moving readily (especially from place to place)
  1. a mobile missile system
  2. the tongue is...the most mobile articulator
Similarairborne, ambulant, ambulatory, floating, flying, maneuverable, manoeuvrable, mechanised, mechanized, motile, motorized, movable, moveable, moving, perambulating, raisable, raiseable, rangy, rotatable, seaborne, transferable, transferrable, transplantable, transportable, versatile, waterborne,
(of groups of people) tending to travel and change settlements frequently
Synonymsnomadic, peregrine, roving, wandering,
having transportation available
capable of changing quickly from one state or condition to another
Similarchangeable, changeful,
affording change (especially in social status)
Similarchangeable, changeful,
Adjective satellite
  1. a restless mobile society
  2. the nomadic habits of the Bedouins
  3. believed the profession of a peregrine typist would have a happy future
  4. wandering tribes
Synonymsnomadic, peregrine, roving, wandering,
having transportation available
capable of changing quickly from one state or condition to another
  1. a highly mobile face
affording change (especially in social status)
  1. Britain is not a truly fluid society
  2. upwardly mobile

Derived Form of river

plural: rivers
a large natural stream of water (larger than a creek)
  1. the river was navigable for 50 miles
Meronymsestuary, rapid, waterfall,
Holonymswater system,
Partsestuary, falls, rapid, waterfall,
Type ofstream, watercourse,
TypesAar, Aare, Aare River, Acheron, Adige, Aire, Aire River, Alabama, Alabama River, Allegheny, Allegheny River, Amazon, Amazon River, Amur, Amur River, Apalachicola, Apalachicola River, Araguaia, Araguaia River, Araguaya, Araguaya River, Aras, Arauca, Araxes, Arkansas, Arkansas River, Arno, Arno River, Avon, Big Sioux River, Bighorn, Bighorn River, Brahmaputra, Brahmaputra River, Brazos, Brazos River, Cam, Cam River, Canadian, Canadian River, Canton River, Cape Fear River, Chang, Chang Jiang, Chao Phraya, Chari, Chari River, Charles, Charles River, Chattahoochee, Chattahoochee River, Chu Kiang, Cimarron, Cimarron River, Clinch River, Cocytus, Colorado, Colorado River, Columbia, Columbia River, Congo, Congo River, Connecticut, Connecticut River, Coosa, Coosa River, Crocodile River, Cumberland, Cumberland River, Danube, Danube River, Darling, Darling River, Delaware, Delaware River, Demerara, Detroit River, Dnieper, Dnieper River, Don, Don River, Ebro, Ebro River, Elbe, Elbe River, Elizabeth River, Euphrates, Euphrates River, Flint, Flint River, Fox River, Gan Jiang, Ganges, Ganges River, Garonne, Garonne River, Gila, Gila River, Green, Green River, Heilong Jiang, Housatonic, Housatonic River, Huang He, Hudson, Hudson River, Hwang Ho, IJssel, IJssel river, Illinois River, Indigirka, Indigirka River, Indus, Indus River, Irrawaddy, Irrawaddy River, Irtish, Irtish River, Irtysh, Irtysh River, Isere, Isere River, James, James River, Jordan, Jordan River, Kan River, Kanawha, Kanawha River, Kansas, Kansas River, Kasai, Kasai River, Kaw River, Klamath, Klamath River, Kura, Kura River, Lehigh River, Lena, Lena River, Lethe, Limpopo, Little Bighorn, Little Bighorn River, Little Horn, Little Missouri, Little Missouri River, Little Sioux River, Little Wabash, Little Wabash River, Loire, Loire River, Mackenzie, Mackenzie River, Madeira, Madeira River, Magdalena, Magdalena River, Mekong, Mekong River, Merrimack, Merrimack River, Meuse, Meuse River, Milk, Milk River, Mississippi, Mississippi River, Missouri, Missouri River, Mobile, Mobile River, Mohawk River, Monongahela, Monongahela River, Murray, Murray River, Murrumbidgee, Murrumbidgee River, Namoi, Namoi River, Nan, Nan River, Neckar, Neckar River, Neosho, Neosho River, Neva, Neva River, New River, Niagara, Niagara River, Niger, Niger River, Nile, Nile River, Niobrara, Niobrara River, North Platte, North Platte River, Ob, Ob River, Oder, Oder River, Ohio, Ohio River, Orange, Orange River, Orinoco, Orinoco River, Osage, Osage River, Ouachita, Ouachita River, Ouse, Ouse River, Paraná, Paraná River, Parnahiba, Parnaiba, Pecos, Pecos River, Pee Dee, Pee Dee River, Penobscot, Penobscot River, Ping, Ping River, Platte, Platte River, Po, Po River, Potomac, Potomac River, Purus, Purus River, Red, Red River, Republican, Republican River, Rhein, Rhine, Rhine River, Rhone, Rhone River, Rio Bravo, Rio Grande, River Acheron, River Adige, River Aire, River Arno, River Avon, River Cam, River Cocytus, River Kasai, River Lethe, River Severn, River Styx, River Thames, River Trent, River Tyne, Ruhr, Ruhr River, Russian River, Saale, Saale River, Sabine, Sabine River, Sacramento River, Saint Francis, Saint Francis River, Saint John, Saint John River, Saint Johns, Saint Johns River, Saint Lawrence, Saint Lawrence River, Salmon, Salmon River, Sambre, Sambre River, San Joaquin River, Saone, Saone River, Savannah, Savannah River, Scheldt, Scheldt River, Seine, Seine River, Severn, Severn River, Seyhan, Seyhan River, Shari, Shari River, Snake, Snake River, South Platte, South Platte River, St. Francis, St. Francis River, St. John, St. John River, St. Johns, St. Johns River, St. Lawrence, St. Lawrence River, Styx, Surinam River, Suriname River, Susquehanna, Susquehanna River, Tagus, Tagus River, Tallapoosa, Tallapoosa River, Tennessee, Tennessee River, Tevere, Thames, Thames River, Tiber, Tigris, Tigris River, Tocantins, Tocantins River, Tombigbee, Tombigbee River, Trent, Trent River, Trinity River, Tyne, Tyne River, Upper Avon, Upper Avon River, Vistula, Vistula River, Volga, Volga River, Volkhov, Volkhov River, Wabash, Wabash River, White, White River, Willamette, Willamette River, Wisconsin, Wisconsin River, Yalu, Yalu River, Yangtze, Yangtze Kiang, Yangtze River, Yazoo, Yazoo River, Yellow River, Yellowstone, Yellowstone River, Yenisei, Yenisei River, Yenisey, Yenisey River, Yukon, Yukon River, Zambezi, Zambezi River, Zhu Jiang,
Part ofwater system,
See alsofluvial,

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