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  1. ASH BENNINGTON: Logan Mohtashami, senior loan officer at AMC Lending, contributor at HousingWire
  2. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: My pleasure to be here.
  3. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: We're still in the chaotic stage right now.
  4. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: Well, first of all, the non-QM side, non-QM loans are basically loans
  5. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: I would say that this is actually just about, say 3.7% to 4.3%.
  6. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: Well, here's the interesting aspect.
  7. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: It's basically California, New York, and then everything else is different.
  8. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: The best way for me to showcase this is that the existing home sales market,
  9. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: Yeah, square feet, so meaning square feet, but if you look at the size of
  10. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: Well, a lack of production definitely means construction jobs go down,
  11. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: What I tell people right now is-- I did a Twitter live talking about
  13. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: Here's the biggest difference.
  14. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: You know what, for myself, I am-- all my work was based on years 2020
  15. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: For example, my neighborhood that I live in is in Irvine, California, 92603.
  16. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: Well, this is a great question.
  17. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: The very, very high end marketplace gets impacted by that.
  18. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: We're seeing some of that skewed marketplace, but I think the thing
  19. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: We're always told that we need to build more homes.
  20. LOGAN MOHTASHAMI: Yeah, in Los Angeles, 50% plus of the working population are dual renters