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How do you pronounce moon in English (1 out of 3212).

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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of moon

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of moon:

Derived Form of moon

plural: moons
third person: moons
past: mooned
past participle: mooned
present participle: mooning
the natural satellite of the Earth
  1. the average distance to the Moon is 384,400 kilometers
  2. men first stepped on the moon in 1969
Type ofsatellite,
See alsocislunar, lunar, lunisolar, superlunary,
any object resembling a moon
  1. he made a moon lamp that he used as a night light
  2. the clock had a moon that showed various phases
Type ofobject, physical object,
the period between successive new moons (29.531 days)
Synonymslunar month, lunation, synodic month,
Holonymslunar year,
Type ofmonth,
Part oflunar year,
the light of the Moon
  1. moonlight is the smuggler's enemy
  2. the Moon was bright enough to read by
Synonymsmoonlight, moonshine, Moon,
United States religious leader (born in Korea) who founded the Unification Church in 1954; was found guilty of conspiracy to evade taxes (born in 1920)
SynonymsMoon, Sun Myung Moon,
Type ofreligious leader,
any natural satellite of a planet
  1. Jupiter has sixteen moons
Type ofsatellite,
the light of the moon
Synonymsmoonlight, moonshine,
Partsmoon ray, moonbeam, moon-ray,
Type oflight, visible light, visible radiation,
have dreamlike musings or fantasies while awake
  1. She looked out the window, daydreaming
Type ofidle, laze, slug, stagnate,
be idle in a listless or dreamy way
Synonymsmoon around, moon on,
Type ofidle, laze, slug, stagnate,
expose one's buttocks to
  1. moon the audience
Type ofdisplay, exhibit, expose,

moon on Youtube

  1. but Sun and Moon together can be amavasya (new moon), so then you have to find where is Jupiter, Rahu, so it imay be pratipada (1st lunar day) or amavasya (new moon) depending on differnece between Sun and Moon (tithi)
  2. moon but for a full moon the full moon hahaha you are a pair says tsukete we
  3. MARISHA: Is it like full moon, waning moon, no moon?
  4. Like a moon, like a moon, the radiance of the Prophet is just like the moon And how beautiful how beautiful how beautiful is our Prophet
  5. Jaycee: We would debate whether the full moon or the crescent moon was the better moon.
  6. whatever joins Moon its not good, moon should be alone, if you read Muhurta classsics, then you would notice that they always want Moon to be alone, its not only muhurta which is electional astrology but this holds for everything
  7. Shadow Moon Descent. It is the Lunarians' secret art of creating a controllable moon out of the moon's shadow
  8. (Moon, moon, which moon?) Moonstar who will protect you
  9. (Moon, moon, which moon?) Moonstar that will protect you
  10. Moon moon which moon, Moonstar to keep you safe
  11. We, t-ara became Moon Mason, Moon Mavin and Moon Maden's mother
  12. Weathervanes my one and lonely (Hey moon, hey moon, hey moon)
  13. how far away is the moon? (Jibo): The distance from the Earth to the Moon is about three hundred seventy four thousand six...
  14. will be a torus knot. If we do this with the moon over there, then the moon's
  15. For comparison, Saturns largest moon Titan is this big compared to our moon, but less
  16. Okay, just gonna get rid of the moon for now. Sorry moon. You outie. Oh and
  17. like to the moon as in it teleports you to the moon!
  18. fragmenting a moon like that is certainly powerful but notice that it doesn't blow up the moon in one go but rather it has to
  19. to return to the moon on its Blue Moon lander.
  20. For example, almost all Flat Earthers say that the Moon Landing was faked, because, if we actually went to the Moon and took pictures of the Earth,