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  1. MotionBuilder is going to be useful for prototyping your IK; you can use HumanIK without knowing anything about MotionBuilder but it is much easier to start working inside MotionBuilder instead of directly writing C++ code.
  2. The idea is the solver you use inside MotionBuilder should be the same that the one that will be running in your code, so that everything you see in MotionBuilder you will get it in your game.
  3. Now, it's not my job to teach you how to write Python scripts in MotionBuilder. I'm probably
  4. First of all, let's be real. There aren't that many people writing MotionBuilder scripts
  5. and talking about it. Certainly, there are nowhere near as many resources for MotionBuilder
  6. as there are for Python scripting in Maya. MotionBuilder is just not as widely used,
  7. As you learn to script in MotionBuilder, your best friend is going to be the official documentation.
  8. You should be able to find this under 'MotionBuilder SDK Help' in the Help menu, but I've included
  9. You can find out more about MotionBuilder's property system in the Object Model section
  10. are included with MotionBuilder, so you can run them from the Asset Browser, or you can
  11. One marginally useful thing you can do from a Python Editor in MotionBuilder is to call
  12. This function doesn't perform any bounds checking, so MotionBuilder will crash if you supply
  13. MotionBuilder allows the user to modify tangents in a number of ways, called tangent modes.
  14. But whether or not you use this code in practice, I hope it helps to illustrate how MotionBuilder
  15. I like to use Motionbuilder for characters.
  16. Now, without a doubt, anything you do in MotionBuilder is going to involve a scene. So let's talk
  17. FBBox implements a whole lot of exciting functionality, and it's the stuff that makes MotionBuilder
  18. MotionBuilder. But for the purposes of writing scripts in Python, it doesn't do much that
  19. MotionBuilder deals with animation. And animation involves time. If you want to work with animation
  20. And for MotionBuilder that's the FBTime class.