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The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of mugiho:

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  1. Mugiho: Kensuke-dono. Just casually call me Mugiho. You're a person that'll be by Kuon-sama's side, after all.
  2. Kensuke: No, I can't really do that. You're older than me, Mugiho-san. In fact, Mugiho-san, you should be the one to casually call me Kensuke...
  3. Mugiho: I'm Niwa Gorouzemonjou Nagahide. Also known as Mugiho.
  4. Woman: Troops, retreat! We're heading back to Kiyosu! Hurry! #Niwa Nagahide/Mugiho. She loses against the protag... twice.#
  5. Kensuke: *Yawn*... whew. Hmm... huh, Mugiho-san?
  6. Mugiho: Good morning. It's our first time meeting today. #This is so... normal... pleasant... is this really Baseson?#
  7. Kensuke: So, Mugiho-san, did you need something with me?
  8. Mugiho: Ah, right. Excuse me. Kuon-sama is calling for you. Please hurry.
  9. Mugiho: Fufu... you don't really look like you are. #I like her. She's friendly#
  10. Kensuke: Ah, now that's just cruel, Mugiho-san... it's not a laughing matter. There'll be plenty of experts like Mitsuki-san, right?
  11. Mugiho: That's not true, okay? Mitsuki-sama has responsibilities as a top retainer of Oda clan, so she might seem strict to Kensuke-dono...
  12. Mugiho: She's actually a gentle and caring person. And the rest of vassals are all gentle and good people.
  13. Mugiho: Oh. Are you doubting my words?
  14. Mugiho: That's true. Ufufu...
  15. Kensuke: By the way, Mugiho-san...
  16. Mugiho: No, I can't do that. Considering you'll become Kuon-sama's husband, you'll be my superior. I'll keep calling you Kensuke-dono.
  17. Kensuke: ...Got it. Thank you, Mugiho-san.
  18. Mugiho: Fufu...
  19. Mugiho: Umm... I just thought you're quite a splendid young man, a bit cute... n, n, no! It's nothing!
  20. Kensuke: ...Is that so? Ah, I had something to ask you, Mugiho-san.