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  1. is Kambale Musavuli. He is the student coordinator and national spokesman for the Friends of
  2. KAMBALE MUSAVULI: Thank you for having me.
  3. MUSAVULI: Yes. So Senator Obama, you know, introduced a bill to deal with the political
  4. MUSAVULI: Yes. The US has been engaged in the Congo action for the past 100 years. You
  5. MUSAVULI: About, we say, 15 to 20 years.
  6. MUSAVULI: Exactly. Rubber. And not only rubber. They were giving access to the land of the
  7. MUSAVULI: Exactly. And with that political move, with US leadership, other nations also
  8. MUSAVULI: Yes, yes.
  9. MUSAVULI: Yes.
  10. MUSAVULI: Oh, definitely. And that comes back to the Clinton administration. The Clinton
  11. MUSAVULI: Correct.
  12. MUSAVULI: Yes. So Kagame's invasion into the Congo was to use the pretext of going after
  13. MUSAVULI: Exactly. And now, with the chaos now--you know, you have a conflict, you remove
  14. Musavuli. He's a human rights activist originally from the Democratic Republic of Congo. He's
  15. KAMBALE MUSAVULI: Thank you, Paul, for having me back.
  16. MUSAVULI: Well, I believe cinematographically the film looks really good. You know, it delves
  17. MUSAVULI: Well, the U.S. is already there. You know. And there was a bill that was passed
  18. MUSAVULI: Yes. And it goes back to President Obama, the commander in chief--very knowledgeable
  19. MUSAVULI: And the oil is also in the Congo. So if you look at the oil that's being extracted
  20. MUSAVULI: Very simple thing. It goes back to what Obama told Africans when he went to