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  1. Policies with higher MVPFs are more effective in the sense of providing greater benefit
  2. the MVPFs of 133 historical policies.
  3. MVPFs are plotted against the average age of each policys beneficiaries: policies
  4. have historically had the highest MVPFs.
  5. Some college policies, for example, have very low MVPFs these tend to be policies that
  6. Second, policies with low MVPFs provide less benefit per dollar of government spending,
  7. As a case in point: the authors find relatively low MVPFs for transfers to disabled children.
  8. Finally, while policies targeting adults tend to have lower MVPFs, there are two notable
  9. increase childrens earnings in adulthood, thereby generating large MVPFs.
  10. MVPFs can help guide the analysis of crime policies, environmental policies, and many
  11. policy evaluations provided the estimates used to calculate MVPFs.