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  1. Enter Mylune
  2. her power and reverse the nigthmares spread and Mylune has heard the whispers of the woodlands
  3. A job perfect for our champions and we even gain 2 more, namely Hamuul and Mylune:
  4. healer, Xentabra as a melee dps or Mylune as ranged dps.
  5. stored before the Nightmare took it over and Mylune quickly took it with her so we could
  6. Luckily the dryad Mylune was able to take the staff, bring it back to the Dreamgrove,
  7. Keeper Remulos informs us that were lucky we GHanir this day since the dryad Mylune
  8. talk with Mylune.
  9. Mylune is litteraly crying since GHanir is corrupted.