How do you pronounce nadire in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. Later, Nadire mom and Cenger will try to persuade Seher.
  2. Seher will support them on this path. Nadire mother will do her best to meet with Frat, as she loves Neslihan very much.
  3. Nadire mother and Frat will learn that Seher has been taken to the hospital.
  4. Firat and Nadire will go to the hospital immediately.
  5. So Seher won't be able to get through this trauma for a while. Arif baba and Nadire mom will be involved in this situation.
  6. Finally, Arif dad and Nadire mom will be able to reconcile them.
  7. Arif father and Nadire mother will ask Seher to forgive Yaman.