How do you pronounce ndiaya in English (1 out of 11).

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  1. - My son, my son Ndiaya. - Calm down Ndiaya
  2. - Ndiaya - Aida how are you
  3. Ndiaya or is Assane? I was told he was with Momar.
  4. - Only slowly. - Thank you Ndiaya
  5. - Ndiaya? - Aida forgive me
  6. Ndiaya
  7. What did Assane do? What did he do ? Tell me Ndiaya
  8. Ndiaya where is Zora ?
  9. But Ndiaya you can talk to me
  10. You're right, I understand Ndiaya
  11. Laye, Ndiaya let me have a moment with The children