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  1. With Rijkaard, Koeman and Neeskens. Neeskens often played along too,
  2. 21. The Netherlands opened the scoring via a Johan Neeskens penalty in the second
  3. from the ensuing penalty by Johan Neeskens before any German player had even touched
  4. when the magician Johnn Cruijff and his talented teammates, Neeskens, Arie Haan, Ruud Krol, van Heinichen, Rensenbrik and all the rest, presented
  5. We kick-off the top-3 with Johan Neeskens.
  6. That made Neeskens world-class.
  7. You with Cruiff or Neeskens or... (WILLEM VAN HANEGEM) Yeah, but we also played really lousy matches.
  8. I've also given Neeskens a punch on the nose once.
  9. (JOHAN NEESKENS) You're a great guy, a great player,
  10. (COMMENTATOR) And there he goes. First Johan Neeskens was sent off the field,
  11. And Neeskens was there too.
  12. (JOHAN NEESKENS) I loved the sensation of getting to wear that shirt for the first time.
  13. (JOHAN NEESKENS) Of course, it was a very difficult opponent.
  14. (JOHAN NEESKENS) That's beautiful.
  15. (JOHAN NEESKENS) No, I think that everyone expected
  16. (JOHAN NEESKENS) We tried various things during those matches.
  17. (JOHAN NEESKENS) It certainly was my most intense match of that tournament.
  18. (COMMENTATOR) Neeskens in the centre. Cruiff passes, and he scores!
  19. He scores, Johan Neeskens!
  20. (JOHAN NEESKENS) But they could do other things as well.