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  1. the Horde could return. To keep an eye on the rift, the Alliance decided to build Nethergarde
  2. of Stormwind and even Nethergarde Keep, aimed to keeping an eye on the Dark Portal, were
  3. Nethergarde Keep was also a very good idea since the dark portal would re-open and the
  4. and they brought down Nethergarde keep which had stood watch over the dark portal for years.
  5. of Lordaeron and had complained about the gold spend on Nethergarde keep, they wanted
  6. build nethergarde keep to keep an eye on things.
  7. There was a chance that the Horde would come back so they decided to build Nethergarde
  8. They were already spending a fortune rebuilding Stormwind, the construction of Nethergarde
  9. Gold for Nethergarde, gold for the camps, gold for Stormwind, they gave the alliance