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  1. Nexomon Logo Nexomon Extinction is out now for PS4, Xbox
  2. Permanently Faint Nexomon: Fainted Nexomon cannot be restored.
  3. at the Nintendo Switch version of Nexomon: Extinction.
  4. Nexomon Extinction is currently $30.00AUD on the Nintendo Estore, and the game plays
  5. Story I will say that Nexomon Extinction puts infinitely
  6. Nexomon wants to tell a story.
  7. This is why I say that Nexomon Extinction its terribly original, because their story
  8. Another key difference is the volume, and effectiveness of Nexomon Extinctions storytelling
  9. very linear game progression, this is something that Nexomon strays from and this is a
  10. So, in this regard Nexomon has infinitely better story-telling in terms of volume and
  11. Well, its not directly for Nexomon.
  12. well, if youre wanting a story driven experience there is no reason to choose Nexomon over
  13. Nexomon Extinction has beautifully crafted environments for its story to unfold.
  14. Mons The monsters in Nexomon Extinction are both
  15. Nexomon Extinction.
  16. familiar, there are a few key differences that really open the Nexomon designs.
  17. to make them interesting, and this is something that Nexomon Extinction does really well.
  18. So, lets take a look at some of the Wind Nexomon for comparison:
  19. grounp in Nexomon Extinction, than one of its key competitors in Pokemon.
  20. in Nexomon designs even within the same typing group.