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  1. uh- my childhood friend Nived!
  2. So, welcome Nived!
  3. [Nived:] Hi! Sorry, I wasn't sure if I should say something or not.
  4. [Nived:] Thank you, very happy to be here.
  5. India! Whoop whoop [Nived:] Represent!
  6. [Nived:] I majored in literary and cultural studies and i minored in psychology.
  7. [Nived:] I mean it would probably have to be...
  8. [Nived:] Iconic album! [Ninja:] That was a great album.
  9. [Nived:] It's a staple... it's a staple on any road trip that you go on.
  10. Anything, right now, that you're currently... [Nived:] I just... I actually just finished
  11. [Nived:] ...which was really long it was over 700 pages it is I don't... I don't know if I'd recommend it
  12. [Nived:] 'A Little Life' by Hanya Yanagihara
  13. [Nived:] This is a book, that I'm reading. [Ninja:] And a movie maybe, that you're watching
  14. that you would recommend? Or something... [Nived:] Something I watched?
  15. [Nived:] Oh my god, which Gilmore Girl character am I?
  16. [Ninja, laughing:] Its okay [Nived:] Um yeah you know it really sucks
  17. [Nived:] the girl is so annoying! Shes so annoying, she makes bad decisions
  18. [Nived:] Ooh probably one that i love is like dosas- like that's a staple i have
  19. [Ninja:] Dosas are great. [Nived:] ...and I suck at making dosas they
  20. [Ninja:] which is -oh my god- thats so... [Nived:] but oh my- like, Ill throw up