How do you pronounce nnadia in English (1 out of 36).

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  1. Nnadia
  2. OK. Nnadia
  3. Nnadia, It's for you
  4. I was thinking about what should I bring to Nnadia,
  5. You get up the same way as Nnadia dose
  6. You see how did Nnadia get up
  7. Although Nnadia have stuck so many things,
  8. Nnadia, you see whether I paste it right
  9. Nnadia, you also should
  10. paste Nnadia here
  11. to Nnadia's
  12. in these years with Nnadia
  13. Nnadia Chan's home in Beijing
  14. Be happy, Nnadia
  15. Nnadia, you can have some garlics
  16. Nnadia, I actually
  17. I've had enough, give it to Nnadia
  18. but Nnadia doesn't want me to use domestic applicable soda
  19. Nnadia said
  20. why didn't Nnadia tell me directly