How do you pronounce nodon in English (1 out of 14).

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  1. The Nodon are here to help. [multiple Nodon chattering]
  2. [narrator] -For example, connecting a Stick Nodon, and a Person Nodon,
  3. and connecting a Person Nodon to the Game Screen Nodon,
  4. Nodon't do that.
  5. Indeed, by connecting these strange creatures, called Nodon,
  6. using guided lessons! [Nodon chatter]
  7. Simply connect and combine Nodon to program your creations.
  8. Changing the shape, and making multiple Object Nodon,
  9. You can make all kinds of games by placing and connecting Nodon!
  10. simply by placing and connecting Nodon.
  11. Other distinct Nodon will appear as you progress through lessons.
  12. The more Nodon you meet,
  13. have improved, by solving puzzles using Nodon.
  14. You can try out different Nodon here.