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  1. Nooneqt: I'll stop the druid. Me: He used Innervate! Nooneqt: Yeah, I'll stop him.
  2. Nooneqt: Do you want Commanding Shout, or the...Battle?
  3. Me: Huh, it already started. Nooneqt: Huh? Ok.
  4. Nooneqt: What can I do solo? Me: CC druid, CC druid.
  5. Nooneqt: Yes.
  6. Nooneqt: I can't keep up
  7. Nooneqt: Now.
  8. Nooneqt: Of course he gets a snare proc on the first hit.
  9. Me: I'm getting CC'd. Nooneqt: Yeah, yeah, It's fine.
  10. Nooneqt: Yeah it's fine.
  11. Nooneqt: Oh, I rooted him. Now I'll do damage.
  12. Nooneqt: Yes, I'll try.
  13. Nooneqt: They overlap.
  14. Nooneqt: Druid drinking.
  15. Nooneqt: Reflected the trap like a god.
  16. Nooneqt: Trap. Trinket.
  17. Me: I'll use Innervate. Nooneqt: Yes.
  18. Nooneqt: Tra...scatter. Eh, I have a DoT.
  19. Nooneqt: Shall we go on the druid? Me: Try it out.
  20. Nooneqt: We probably can't...