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  1. Jeff Nunokawa: This is your first home here at Princeton
  2. Jeff Nunokawa: and we do a great deal, we all of us do, each of us in our own
  3. Jeff Nunokawa: way, to make it feel like home.
  4. Jeff Nunokawa: To make you feel like there's a place for you here, no
  5. Jeff Nunokawa: matter where you're from, and no matter
  6. Jeff Nunokawa: where you want to go.
  7. Jeff Nunokawa: It kind of touches on what we think of as
  8. Jeff Nunokawa: the mission of the college, and that's to make people feel
  9. Jeff Nunokawa: lively and at home.
  10. Akshata Shirahatti: Jeff Nunokawa, our college Master is great.