How do you pronounce nuoxi in English (1 out of 35).

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  1. Nuoxi, I can be together with you all the time now
  2. Nuoxi, go to my office
  3. Nuoxi, works done?
  4. Nuoxi, you read too slowly
  5. Nuoxi, we're here for work
  6. Nuoxi
  7. did you see Nuoxi?
  8. Nuoxi where ar you
  9. Nuoxi, where are you
  10. just had words with Nuoxi
  11. Nuoxi is wrong
  12. Nuoxi, why are you here
  13. Nuoxi, I'm sorry
  14. it's enough, Nuoxi
  15. Nuoxi, it's me
  16. this is Nuoxi
  17. Nuoxi?
  18. relax, Nuoxi
  19. Nuoxi. give me your hands
  20. Nuoxi, the reason why I did it is