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IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) of o

The International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) is an alphabetic system of phonetic notation based primarily on the Latin alphabet. With phonetic transcriptions, dictionarie tell you about the pronunciation of words, because the spelling of an English word does not tell you how you should pronounce it. Below is the phonetic transcription of o:

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  1. Disc-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-o-oord
  2. kZg:{ k{g:w o|kZw o|k[g:s o|o|^ o{gZo|s kZg:kZ{ o{o{s o|o|o{s o|o|o{o|w k[k{w k[o{k[w kZk[o|o{o{s
  3. g9g:kZs k[g:c g:k[w o|o|s o{g:s o|k[{ g:kZs o{o{o|w o{o{w o{o|s o|o{w o|o{s o|o{s o|g:kZ
  4. kZkZs o{kZg9g9c kZo{s o{o{{ o{o{{ o{o{c o{o{ g9o{s o{g9s o{o{w kZo{ g9o{s o{o{w o{o{kZs
  5. o{kZs g9kZ^ kZo{w g9kZs kZkZs o{o{kZw o{o{w o{o{c o{o{ g9o{o{kZo{g9o{g9{ o{o{s o{o{{ o{kZ
  6. g9o{kZg9s o{o{s kZo{w o{kZ{ kZkZs kZo{s o{o{s o{kZs kZkZ o{g9o{s o{o{w o{o{ o{o{kZs kZo{kZkZs
  7. o{kZo{g9o{s kZo{kZg9 o{o{ o{o{w o{kZs o{kZw o{o{kZo{w kZkZs o{kZZ kZkZw kZo{Z o{o{s o{kZs
  8. kZo{Z g9g9c kZo{Z g9kZo{c kZkZc o{o{ o{o{s o{o{w o{o{s o{o{ o{kZs !o{kZg9g9kZs g9o{o{g9kZo{g9w
  9. o{o{w kZg9 kZo{kZo{s o{o{{ o{o{s o{o{{ o{o{s o{kZ{ o{kZs kZg9w g9o{{ o{kZo{w kZo{c g9kZo{{
  10. Echo in my so-o-o-o-oul So-o-o-o-oul So-o-o-o-oul So-o-o-o-oul
  11. Echo in my so-o-o-o-oul So-o-o-o-oul In my so-o-o-o-oul So-o-o-o-oul
  12. o{kZkZs kZkZ{ o{o{kZo{{ kZo{o{w o{o{w o{o{w o{o{kZg9s o{g9o{g9{
  13. kZo{w *o{kZ{ o{o{s o{o{s o{o{s kZo{o{s g9o{w o{g9c kZg9kZ #o{c g9kZc o{o{kZc kZg9^ g9g9^
  14. g9kZc g9kZc g9g9^ g9kZg9g9c g9kZg9^ o{o{{ o{o{s o{o{w o{o{w o{g9kZo{s o{o{w o{kZo{kZkZw
  15. o|o|s kZo{s gZg:k[w o|o{w o|o{o|kZk[w o|k{s o|o|w o{kZo{g:kZg:g:k[s k[g9c g:g:g9g:o|g9kZ
  16. o{kZg9c g9kZw o{g9s o{-c o{o{s kZo{w o{o{{ kZo{s o{o{c kZo{s g9kZo{ o{o{s o{g9kZkZ kZo{g9g9s
  17. o{g9NskZV kZNs^ kZg9R o{o{s kZkZs o{o{s o{g9w o{o{g9w o{g9o{{ g9o{kZg9 o{g9o{g9o{{ o{o{g9
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  19. kZo{o{s o{kZw o{kZs o{o{w kZo{w o{o{w o{g9s ;o{g9Z g9kZ^ kZg9kZkZs kZo{g9kZ o{kZg9o{ o{kZ
  20. o{kZs g9g9 o{o{w o{o{w o{kZ o{kZs kZkZw kZkZc o{o{s kZkZc o{g9o{g9kZs kZo{kZs kZkZw o{kZ{