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  1. and sponsored by the OBSBOT Tiny,
  2. what the OBSBOT's all about.
  3. Now, the OBSBOT is a smart AI webcam
  4. I would really advise installing the OBSBOT app,
  5. So using the OBSBOT right out of the box is very easy.
  6. Now the OBSBOT Tiny, it works
  7. while you're using the OBSBOT, it will stay locked onto you.
  8. at the OBSBOT in headroom mode.
  9. and I could be up and live with the OBSBOT within seconds.
  10. select the OBSBOT Tiny, otherwise it's going
  11. Do you think that the OBSBOT is a pretty solid product?
  12. you can be using the OBSBOT in just a few seconds.
  13. so this right here is called the OBSBOT Tiny