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  1. [Oemmie] : You must see where you walk.
  2. [Oemmie] : You say that.
  3. Because the camera woman Oemmie
  4. All good was my dear Oemmie
  5. My dear Oemmie was wise
  6. [Oemmie] : This is just a container.
  7. [Oemmie] : Yes, but behind there it's really nothing...
  8. We explored the whole building in company with Oemmie and Julie.
  9. Oemmie's walking in the front, that's something new. Normaly I'm the one who's doing that.
  10. Oemmie's with me as usual.
  11. Oemmie, do you want a walnut?
  12. look behind you, Oemmie.
  13. Oemmie is stressed on spots like this.
  14. We should explore the upstairs, Oemmie...
  15. Oemmie... there's an attic too !
  16. Okay, Oemmie we've seen everything.
  17. - Oemmie... maybe there's a basement !
  18. Before we could enter, Oemmie had to read the house rules ...
  19. Oemmie, what do you think of the cat cafe?
  20. Oemmie, will you come along?